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Regions and Costumes

  • Bar Region
  • Bar Region Bar
    "The Bar Manner" which is watched in our country s East Anatolia,East Blacksea and Middle Anatolia regions;exhibits an appearance which contains from time to time Halay and Caucasian manners.This situation is also a good example for the Anatolia s cultural disorder,where takes migrations for six thousand years.
  • Halay
  • Halay Halay
    It is the dance character which is seen in Eastern Mediteraneansea, Middle and East Anatolia's Southeast region and especially Southeast Anatolia.Nature,struggle with nature, wars, love stories and tribe fights are main dance subjects and auras.

  • Caucasian
  • Caucasian Caucasian Dances
    This kind of dance,which seen ,in East Blacksea and East Anatolia because of the migrations,seen in the other regions of Anatolia,although it occurs rarely.In Blacksea,Georgian;in Kars Azeri,Georgian,Terekeme,Karapapak;in Malatya and Eskişehir Tatar and also in Eskişehir,Kayseri,İstanbul,Manisa there seen Circassian companies and dances.

  • Semah Regions
  • Semah Regions Semahs
    In all places where Alevi folks live,namely this dance which we meet in every point of Anatolia,is among the rituels which could have been able to come and exist since the poltheist ages.Its quality of being didaktic is the most evident quality which it has.

  • Bengi & Mengi
  • Bengi & Mengi Bengi & Mengi Dances
    It is the kind of dance which seen in Marmara Region and in Nortwest Mediteranean Region.It is wrong to be said that Alevi Semahs have turned in folk dance format with classical meaning,seperating from it’s ceremonial manner.

  • Horon
  • Horon Horon Region
    The Horon,which is the typical sign of Blacksea Region’s people’s madcap,nustling and excited manner which is built on their nature,is an appearance which shows and adds Blacksea’s peevishness and the neighbouring countries’s cultural contruction(as Kırım and Georgian) to the Anatolian typology.

  • Zeybeks
  • Zeybeks Zeybeks
    When Zeybek is said,Aegean comes to one’s mind,and when Ageanis said Zeybek comes to one’s mind.It is possible to see Aegean people’s resignation and gentleness,the disorder which they lived because of their geographical location,in their songs and dances.General dances are which generally represents nature,war and love.

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